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Great Library Ideas Great Library Ideas

Great Library Ideas


Time saving, tried and tested ideas and activities for school libraries by school librarians.

  • ISBN: 978 1 905600 12 0

This essential copiable 88 page PDF resource is jam-packed with lively and successful ideas to make the most of the library/LRC and put it right at the heart of the school.
Most of the ideas can be easily adapted to different abilities and ages from 8-16. They range from one-off lessons to extended projects. Each idea is fully described and most include a copiable worksheet.

Ideas include: Murder in the Library, Blind Date Reads, Library Treasure Hunt Bingo and many more! 

Nikki Heath, a previous winner of the SLA School Librarian of the Year award, is a major contributor to Great Library Ideas.   


"I love Great Library Ideas - a treasure chest of good ideas"
Geoff Dubber, School Library Association


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