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The Pop-Up Nativity! The Pop-Up Nativity!

The Pop-Up Nativity!


‘The Pop-Up Nativity’ is a wonderfully easy and fun Nativity musical for young children aged c3-6. The show lasts 15-20 minutes, and comes with permission to adapt the play and the songs to suit your kids.

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The Pop-Up Nativity is a fun, easy & very adaptable Christmas play or show, ideal for early years, pre-school, nursery, reception and easy KS1, ages c3-6. It can also be performed as a puppet show! We give full permission for you to adapt it to suit the ages and abilities of your children and the constraints of the room, available time, and budget!

The six songs & reprises are catchy and engaging, including ‘Everyone Shout Hooray!’, ‘Sleepy Song’, ‘Pop-Up Nativity’ and ‘Everyone Loves a Present!’ There are fun actions such as clapping, rolling hands, rocking a baby; and of course it’s fine to add or switch in ‘Twinkle twinkle, little Star’ or ‘Away in a Manger’ if you wish.

As the ‘Pop-Up’ title suggests, no stage is necessary, and nor is scenery, unless you’d like to incorporate them.  All speaking parts are very short and simple, with some narration for older children, or helpers. There are also craft ideas for the children as the big day approaches.

This download pack provides the play, narration, lyrics,, actions, props, staging advice, sheet music, vocals, instrumentals (kazoos, sleigh bells etc).

The songs and funky backing tracks can be downloaded from iTunes (or they can be purchased on CD from Redhead Music direct). Let the Christmas fun begin!

Published by Redhead Music

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