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Gold, Frankincense & Mirth! Gold, Frankincense & Mirth!

Gold, Frankincense & Mirth!

A joyful Christmas celebration!


A joyful Christmas musical for KS1-2 which comes ready for a cast of up to 30 but is totally flexible, depending on your numbers and abilities.

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‘Gold, Frankincense & Mirth’ is set for KS1-2, but designed to be flexible for different ages, abilities and cast sizes up to 30 or more. We give full permission – as always – for you to simplify or extend the play, add or remove characters, and for the children to add a joke or two of their own (subject to your approval!), and to update any of the references to the latest trend…

The seven cool, catchy, songs include ‘Welcome to our Christmas Show!’, ‘Bethlehem Blues’, ‘Put your hands together for Herod!’, and a hand-jiving finale medley ‘Gold, Frankincense and Mirth!’. There are optional easy harmonies, and parts for recorders, glocks, chime bars, sleigh bells, drums, triangles, clicks, claps and kazoos!

This digital download consists of the play, narration, stage directions, lyrics, vocals, actions, hand-jives, piano, guitar and instrumentals. The songs and funky backing tracks can be downloaded from iTunes (or they can be purchased on CD from Redhead Music direct). It all adds up to a very joyful Christmas celebration!

Published by Redhead Music

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